Tips To Clean Your Hands

Tips to clean your hands: Good sanitation practices of the hands are necessary, you could be infecting other people, your loved ones and yourself, not to mention washing your hands regularly is just a good habit. Some forms of gastroenteritis can cause serious problems, especially for your children, the elderly, or those with a not so good immune system.

Drying your hands, is just as important as washing your hands. Experts say regular cleaning of the hands will help prevent germs spreading in the home, workp, place and schools, just by cleaning your hands regularly. Hygienic cleaning involves focusing your efforts on areas in the house where germs are more likely to build up spreading and causing infection.

Sanitation hand washing techniques include using a decent amount of soap, rubbing the hands together to create a lather, and rinsing under running water. Using gloves is not a substitute for washing your hands.

Reason To Clean

  • Preparing Food
  • Treating Casualties (First Aid)
  • Using The Bathroom (Toilet)
  • Sick People
  • Touching Animals or Pets
  • Coughing or Sneezing
  • Handling Rubbish or Sanitation

Keep Away The Germs

  • Wash your hands under fresh running water (tap water is fine)
  • Add soap and lather well, remembering to scrub your fingers & skin
  • Thoroughly rinse your hands, then dry and you’re done, it’s that easy!

As you can see there are multiple reasons to start washing your hands more frequently and regularly, that is if your not already washing your hands regularly, have a nice day!

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