Tell Someone A Joke Today

Tell someone a joke today: Have a go at telling someone a joke today, to see if you can make someone smile and brighten up there day. Sometimes with the day to day life and goings on in the world, we seem to forget about or seem to think that some other things in life are extremely important to us, like work, when you go home and finish a day’s work, do you turn off for the day or do you continue to think about, everything you have to do tomorrow and what tomorrow will bring you.

If this is you, you might gain from taking a break or holiday to revive yourself and just have a relaxing time.

I am talking about happiness, start creating positive energy today, you know like, smile for no reason at all (did you know smiles are contagious). Buy your loved one a gift, flowers or some chocolates or something that you know would say thank-you for being you. Do someone a favour, lend a friend a hand or tell someone they look pretty or tell them that you love them for no reason.

I am not saying turn off about your work I am just saying prioritize your time and leave work at work and spend some time with a loved one or friend, do something you love to do, go fishing, go to a salon and get pampered, play a sport for health and socializing or just relax and read a book.

Your body and your mind are so important to you, these things have to carry you and help you think for your whole life, so it makes sense to relax and just allow life to give you the wonderful stuff that you deserve.

Try to turn yourself off today and relax, even just for a bit!!!

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