How To Exfoliate Your Feet?

Skin exfoliation is very good for your feet, it removes the build of dead skin cells and allows your skin to feel better, which leaves your skin feeling fresh, wonderful and revived. Exfoliation allows your epidermis to breathe better. Exfoliation is involved in the process of all facials, during microdermabrasion or chemical peels at medical spas.

How to Exfoliate your Feet?: Exfoliating the whole body can help prevent the build up of acne below your neck, such as the chest, back and arms. It also might help if you avoid ingrown hairs by preventing dead skin cells from clogging up follicles where you’ve shaved or waxed. And it can help even out skin tone and keep your skin hydrated and remain soft.

What is Exfoliation: Exfoliation removes old dead skin cells on the epidermis.

Tools To Use: Soap with oats or exfoliating beads, exfoliating gloves, a lufour or a brush.

Skincare Problems to improve the complexity of the skin: Clogged Pores, Blemished Skin, Dirty Skin (like Grease, ie.. mechanics and builders) or Skincare Rejuvenation.

How To Exfoliate

Add your desired soap or cleanser, then scrubb the area with one of the exfoliating tools. once finished rinse your skin under water, then rinse, then dry your skin, then moisturize and your done its that easy.

Tips – How to Exfoliate your Feet?

Tips: When your in the shower or bath, exfoliate your he skin on your feet, it only takes a couple of minutes and it leaves your feet feeling sensational, to carry you around all day long!

Aloe Vera Beneficial: Aloe Vera is considered as a natural remedy for oily skin. It is known for its many healing properties, can be used topically or consumed in its juice form. The leaf of this plant has a number of therapeutic properties. It is rich in enzymes, polysaccharides and nutrients which exhibit antibacterial and antifungal action. A natural UV inhibitor, it’s hydrating, softening and intense moisturizing properties nourish the skin. Try it on your feet today after you moisturize.

Tea Tree: Tea tree oil is great for use on the fett. It acts as an astringent and natural antiseptic removing all traces of dirt and skin without strippingthe  skin’s protective barrier. Tea tree oil helps revive, heal and calm skin.

Sage: Sage Leaves are best suited for oily, spotty skin and for wrinkled, sagging complexions. It cleanses, stimulates blood circulation, closes pores and restores elasticity. Sage oil effectively controls sebum and maintains overall skin health.

Also: Goat’s milk soap does not contain any harsh detergents or any additives such as alcohol, petroleum and preservatives (if made naturally). This reduces the possibility of skin irritation and allergic reactions. Many people with eczema and other sensitive skin issues can use goat’s milk soap without any problems, so try soaking your feet in pure goats milk soap, its cheap and it has so many great things that it can do for your skin, body and health.


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