Tips For Your Tired Feet

Tips for your tired feet: At the end of the day, our feet often scream for some attention, after all, they are put through some long working hours, constantly being on the move, walking around, bad weather, ill-fitting footwear, wearing high heels, etc….

Often the resulting foot pains and aches occur due to the imbalance of pressure on your feet. Also, many are unaware that tired legs can affect your quality of sleep.

Therefore, after a long, tiring day, it is a good idea to pamper yourself and your feet.

– Try to avoid wearing uncomfortable and tight footwear, and get a pair that is more comfortable for you. Ill-fitting footwear and wearing high heels for extended periods of time are some of the main reasons for pain in the feet.

– Get a pedicure at the salon at least once a month (if possible), especially if you suffer from cracked heels and cuts. These are the signs that say you need to care a little more about your feet, they take you everywhere.

– After a long day and you feet a tired, soak your feet in a tub of warm water with some Epsom salts for better relief.

– Soothe your weary legs by massaging them with some anti-inflammatory cream or a massage machine with infrared heat.

Maybe visiting an orthopedic doctor to have a look at your everyday walking shoes and to see if you need special shoes to make you more comfortable when walking around.

Let us know about how you went!

Herbs To Help Rejuvenate Your Skin

Skin with natural shine is great but extra excess oily skin is a serious discomfort for both men and women of all ages, Plus oily skin bring’s along problems like blackhead build up, acne problems and make up problems. Try some of these home remedy herbs for your skin, that will help you get rid of oily skin and aid you in the future.

Peppermint could prove to be an actual solution for oily and large pore complexions. When applied topically, it exerts an astringent, soothing and cooling effect. Its active constituent menthol refreshes and revitalizes the skin. It effectively counteracts bad odor, minimizes redness and irritation, helps fight bacteria, controls sebum production and clarifies the skin.

Rose is particularly beneficial to dry and sensitive skin. Rosewater and oil are used in skin care cosmetics as they are effective astringents and exerts cleansing, toning and soothing effect on the skin. It effectively moisturizes and hydrates the skin and helps to calm irritated and inflamed skin as well.

High in antioxidants and because of it being a natural astringent, Rosemary is well suited to oily prone and aging skin. It increases blood circulation to skin’s surface, controls sebum, soothes, tones, moisturizes and effectively combats scars and sun damage.

Sage Leaves are best suited for oily, spotty skin and for wrinkled, sagging complexions. It cleanses, stimulates blood circulation, closes pores and restores elasticity. Sage oil effectively controls sebum and maintains overall skin health.

Yarrow Flowers are rich with astringent, healing and soothing properties. It is specially suited to oily skin conditions. It improves skin tone, closes pores and manages wrinkles.

Marigold flowers help to balance excessively oily skin. It possesses astringent, soothing and moisturizing benefits. It regularizes and normalizes the production of sebaceous secretions, thereby balancing the sebum layer and tightening the pores. It is well known for its healing effects on damaged skin. Calendula is good to use in all cases where cell regeneration like sunburn and sores where the skin is red and irritated.

Sandalwood oil has astringent and soothing properties and effective in oily skin conditions. It relieves itching and inflammation of the skin, and rejuvenates dehydrated skin. It improves skin circulation and brightens the skin, promoting a youthful, radiant complexion.

Lavender essential oil acts as an astringent by controlling skin’s surface oils, which have a major role in acne formation. It effectively disinfects the bacteria that clog pores, balances the glands that produce sebum and even contributes to cell production making it useful to skins that are fragile as well as oily.

Lemon has excellent astringent property which cleanses the skin of excess oil and dirt making the skin smooth and supple. It has an overall soothing and relaxing effect. Citric acid present in lemon lightens and soften the skin. Lemon essential oil is considered detoxifying and is therefore great for blemishes associated with oily skin.

Tangerine is a natural antiseptic as well as an astringent for oily skin. The oil contains high levels of Vitamin A, which makes it effective for treatment of oily and acne prone skin. It adds moisturizing attributes to creams and lotions. It refreshes senses with its sparkling, sweet, citrus aroma.

Honey possesses astringent property has been a beloved ingredient of almost every home remedy designed for oily skin for many years now. It absorbs excess moisture from the skin and reduces the chance of any kind of skin infection. It has humectants properties that help to moisturize the skin without making it too oily. Honey has antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties that help get rid of pimples and acne, and prevents them from coming back.

Tea Tree (Cajaput)
Tea tree oil is great for use on oily and acne prone skins. It acts as an astringent and natural antiseptic removing all traces of makeup and pollution without stripping skin’s protective barrier. Tea tree oil helps revive, heal and calm skin.

Licorice contains glycyrrhizin acid and flavonoids that have soothing, regenerative and antioxidant properties. Applied topically, licorice helps reduce sebum, relieve itching, swelling and redness. It is used to enhance whitening and skin tone.

Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera is considered as a natural remedy for oily skin. It is known for its many healing properties, can be used topically or consumed in its juice form. The leaf of this plant has a number of therapeutic properties. It is rich in enzymes, polysaccharides and nutrients which exhibit antibacterial and antifungal action. A natural UV inhibitor, it’s hydrating, softening and intense moisturizing properties nourish the skin.

It possesses astringent qualities and thus its application helps to tighten and tone the skin. It is a good choice for oily and acne prone skin. Grape has high content of linoleic acid, a fatty acid essential for the skin. It also serves as a wonderful moisturizer and nourishes the skin.

Cucumber is a natural coolant for skin and great ingredient for treating oily skin. Cucumber with its hydrating, nourishing and astringent properties restores the skin protective and natural acid mantle. It is a rich source of vitamins A and C and folic acid. Cucumber is an excellent source of silica, which is a trace mineral that strengthens connective tissue. It also contains ascorbic and caffeic acids, which prevent water retention.

Fullers earth (Multani mitti)
It absorbs extra oil and makes the face glow naturally. It even improves the complexion by facilitating better blood circulation to the skin cells. Fuller’s Earth has cooling and anti-inflammatory properties that removes deep-seated dirt and pollutants.

Lemon Grass
Its astringent properties, lemongrass oil helps clear up excessive oily skin which can cause acne outbreaks. In addition, lemongrass is effective as a skin toner because it naturally dilates the blood vessels, tightening pores and wrinkles.

Thyme oil works as an astringent and is a good choice for acne or oily skin and its cleaning action helps remove the oil and build-up that leads to acne. The antibacterial property also helps kill any bacteria which may infect your skin and can be used to treat scabies, lice, and thrush.

Linseed oil has exceptional regenerative and moisturizing effects on the skin. It is used as body oil for as it soothes and softens the skin. It especially regulates the sebaceous glands, and thus suitable for oily skin.

Try any of these remedies and let us know how you went!

Taking Care Of The Skin Around Your Eyes

The skin around your eye is much different than the rest of your face. Thus it is extremely important to give special care and attention to this area. Here’s how…

Getting acquainted
If you want to know how to take care of the skin around your eyes, you need to know all about the skin texture. The skin around your eyes is supposed to be the thinnest, sensitive and also the driest area of your whole body. It is also the first place where the signs of ageing will begin to appear.

Just like the rest of your face, cleaning around your eyes is extremely important, especially if it tends to dry up very easily. Removing excess make-up from around your eyes will also ensure that the area remains clean. Put some cleanser on a cotton pad and lightly set it on your eyelid and gently wipe it all off.

Not only external care is required for your eyes, but internal as well. Make sure that you are taking vitamin A, B, C, D and E supplements so that not only the skin around your eyes, but also that your eyes in general, is taken care of.

Getting 8 hours of sleep is just so important in everyday life. Make sure that you do not change this point, sleep will ensure that you do not get dark circles and wrinkles around the area and that you are well rested and ready for the next day.

Do not skip breakfast, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Let us know how you went! 

How To Get Radiant Skin?

How to get radiant skin: In very hot or scorching heat, skin and hair care is number one in my books. Dehydration, bad dieting, dull skin, pigmentation, acne, rashes and hair are some of the problems one faces during the hot summer, but expert from everywhere around the world offers solution to the skin problems.

Body scrub:
It offers complete body treatment designed to brighten and rejuvenate the skin.

Facial for radiant skin:
It is designed to detoxify your skin. This facial helps reduces skin blemishes and leaves skin with a visible radiance and complexity.

Brightening mask:
It will reduce skin blemishes, brightens skin tone and leaves you with a cool and refreshing feeling for your day.

Anti-acne treatment:
A combination of natural products and science, the treatments celebrate the power of nature to soothe and energize your skin.

Moisturising hair spa:

The treatment can work wonders. It combines cleansing, hair treatments, steam and scalp massage. This treatment is designed according to your hair type.

Hot oil head massage:
It helps in saying goodbye to dandruff, scalp dryness, itchiness or hair fall.

Use a goats milk soap or avocado soap based products, this will aid in the removal of dead skincells and rejuvenate your skin and make you feel better.

Let us know how you went!

Tips To Clean Your Hands

Tips to clean your hands: Good sanitation practices of the hands are necessary, you could be infecting other people, your loved ones and yourself, not to mention washing your hands regularly is just a good habit. Some forms of gastroenteritis can cause serious problems, especially for your children, the elderly, or those with a not so good immune system.

Drying your hands, is just as important as washing your hands. Experts say regular cleaning of the hands will help prevent germs spreading in the home, workp, place and schools, just by cleaning your hands regularly. Hygienic cleaning involves focusing your efforts on areas in the house where germs are more likely to build up spreading and causing infection.

Sanitation hand washing techniques include using a decent amount of soap, rubbing the hands together to create a lather, and rinsing under running water. Using gloves is not a substitute for washing your hands.

Reason To Clean

  • Preparing Food
  • Treating Casualties (First Aid)
  • Using The Bathroom (Toilet)
  • Sick People
  • Touching Animals or Pets
  • Coughing or Sneezing
  • Handling Rubbish or Sanitation

Keep Away The Germs

  • Wash your hands under fresh running water (tap water is fine)
  • Add soap and lather well, remembering to scrub your fingers & skin
  • Thoroughly rinse your hands, then dry and you’re done, it’s that easy!

As you can see there are multiple reasons to start washing your hands more frequently and regularly, that is if your not already washing your hands regularly, have a nice day!

How To Exfoliate Your Feet?

Skin exfoliation is very good for your feet, it removes the build of dead skin cells and allows your skin to feel better, which leaves your skin feeling fresh, wonderful and revived. Exfoliation allows your epidermis to breathe better. Exfoliation is involved in the process of all facials, during microdermabrasion or chemical peels at medical spas.

How to Exfoliate your Feet?: Exfoliating the whole body can help prevent the build up of acne below your neck, such as the chest, back and arms. It also might help if you avoid ingrown hairs by preventing dead skin cells from clogging up follicles where you’ve shaved or waxed. And it can help even out skin tone and keep your skin hydrated and remain soft.

What is Exfoliation: Exfoliation removes old dead skin cells on the epidermis.

Tools To Use: Soap with oats or exfoliating beads, exfoliating gloves, a lufour or a brush.

Skincare Problems to improve the complexity of the skin: Clogged Pores, Blemished Skin, Dirty Skin (like Grease, ie.. mechanics and builders) or Skincare Rejuvenation.

How To Exfoliate

Add your desired soap or cleanser, then scrubb the area with one of the exfoliating tools. once finished rinse your skin under water, then rinse, then dry your skin, then moisturize and your done its that easy.

Tips – How to Exfoliate your Feet?

Tips: When your in the shower or bath, exfoliate your he skin on your feet, it only takes a couple of minutes and it leaves your feet feeling sensational, to carry you around all day long!

Aloe Vera Beneficial: Aloe Vera is considered as a natural remedy for oily skin. It is known for its many healing properties, can be used topically or consumed in its juice form. The leaf of this plant has a number of therapeutic properties. It is rich in enzymes, polysaccharides and nutrients which exhibit antibacterial and antifungal action. A natural UV inhibitor, it’s hydrating, softening and intense moisturizing properties nourish the skin. Try it on your feet today after you moisturize.

Tea Tree: Tea tree oil is great for use on the fett. It acts as an astringent and natural antiseptic removing all traces of dirt and skin without strippingthe  skin’s protective barrier. Tea tree oil helps revive, heal and calm skin.

Sage: Sage Leaves are best suited for oily, spotty skin and for wrinkled, sagging complexions. It cleanses, stimulates blood circulation, closes pores and restores elasticity. Sage oil effectively controls sebum and maintains overall skin health.

Also: Goat’s milk soap does not contain any harsh detergents or any additives such as alcohol, petroleum and preservatives (if made naturally). This reduces the possibility of skin irritation and allergic reactions. Many people with eczema and other sensitive skin issues can use goat’s milk soap without any problems, so try soaking your feet in pure goats milk soap, its cheap and it has so many great things that it can do for your skin, body and health.


Walking For Better Health

Walking for better health: Are you looking to improve your health without breaking the bank. Why not try walking to help better your health. Its inexpensive, its an activity the whole family can do together and who doesn’t enjoy being outdoors. Not only is walking great to loose weight but it also helps with your sugar and heart.

Not to mention if you have pets it’s a great way to get outdoors, they love the exercise and so will your waist.

If you’re looking to get back into the exercise world, walking is a great way to start. You don’t need any special equipment to get you started and best of all it helps towards your recommended physical activity.

30 minutes of walking a day is a great way to improve and maintain your overall health. Walking can increase cardiovascular fitness, strengthen bones, reduce excess body fat and boost your muscle power and endurance. One of the main benefits to walking is it can help reduce the risk of developing conditions such as heart disease, osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes and some cancers.

Walking can be performed at any time of the day and at your own pace, its low impact and requires minimal to no equipment. Not only, is walking fun but it isnt limited to strolling by yourself around the neighborhood streets, there are various clubs and venues that you can use to make walking more enjoyable and part of your social lifestyle.

There are many health benefits to walking:

  • Increased cardio and pulmonary fitness
  • Reduces the risks of heart disease and stroke
  • Improves the management of conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, joint and muscular pain or stiffness and diabetes
  • Reduce body fat

To get the above health benefits, try walking for at least 30 minutes per day low to moderate paced. If you’re unable to walk for 30 minutes, try doing regular small intervals of 10 minutes three times per day and gradually increase to longer sessions.

If you’re trying to lose weight, you will need to do physical activity for longer than 30 minutes each day. You can still achieve this by starting with smaller interval activities throughout the day and increasing these are your fitness improves.

A couple of suggestions to building walking into your daily routine could include using the stairs instead of the lift, hope off the train or bus one stop earlier and walk to work or home, housework for example vacuuming or cleaning, walk to the shops and walk the dog.

The best thing to do is to make walking part of your routine just like you brush your teeth. If you can walk at the same time each day and mix it up with every second day using a different route or take a friend with you to help make it a regular activity. To help make the process of walking for a better help is to use a pedometer while you walk. This will help with achieving the recommended 10,000 steps or more per day. This may help motivate you to achieve this goal.

Tell Someone A Joke Today

Tell someone a joke today: Have a go at telling someone a joke today, to see if you can make someone smile and brighten up there day. Sometimes with the day to day life and goings on in the world, we seem to forget about or seem to think that some other things in life are extremely important to us, like work, when you go home and finish a day’s work, do you turn off for the day or do you continue to think about, everything you have to do tomorrow and what tomorrow will bring you.

If this is you, you might gain from taking a break or holiday to revive yourself and just have a relaxing time.

I am talking about happiness, start creating positive energy today, you know like, smile for no reason at all (did you know smiles are contagious). Buy your loved one a gift, flowers or some chocolates or something that you know would say thank-you for being you. Do someone a favour, lend a friend a hand or tell someone they look pretty or tell them that you love them for no reason.

I am not saying turn off about your work I am just saying prioritize your time and leave work at work and spend some time with a loved one or friend, do something you love to do, go fishing, go to a salon and get pampered, play a sport for health and socializing or just relax and read a book.

Your body and your mind are so important to you, these things have to carry you and help you think for your whole life, so it makes sense to relax and just allow life to give you the wonderful stuff that you deserve.

Try to turn yourself off today and relax, even just for a bit!!!

Getting A Hobby

Getting a hobby is a fantastic way to get out in the world and meet new people and new ventures, doing something you like to do and that you think is fun. When you have a hobby that you enjoy and one that you are interested in, you learn and adapt better because it’s something that you like doing and something that you think is very fun.

Hobbies can open your mind, heart and body to new possibilities. So now that you’re getting excited about having a new hobby, what if you don’t have an interest in anything or just don’t know how to fit it in or trouble engaging people? That is why it is so important to find a hobby that you will enjoy, it will make it easier to meet new people.

Some hobbies (to name a few) 

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Playing Sports
  • Fishing
  • Play an Instrument
  • Knit Something
  • Social Groups
  • Computers & Online
  • Family Outings
  • Study Something
  • Dancing
  • Movies
  • Go out for Dinner

There are so many different hobbies out there to choose from there is literally thousands of things you can do as a hobby. What really does defines what a hobby is? Put just simply, it’s something that you do on a regular basis, that you can improve on in some way usually associated with you gaining something in return. Hobbies can be just for fun with no reward other than the reward for yourself. Hobbies can also involve you learning a new skill, meeting new people, creating new things, making some money, or something to do when you just want to relax.

Get yourself out there and meet new people, try new things and just have fun, smile and laugh. Your body, your mind and your heart will love you for it. Also regular outings can result in weight loss due to the active lifestyle, bonus!

Have a nice day!!!