African Black Soap

African Black soap relieves Oily Skin, Eczema & Acne

African Black Soap is made in the West of Africa from Palm Oil, Kernel Oil & H2o (water). African black soap will work on most skin types including dry, sensitive, and rough skin. Here is a tip this soap is great for removing makeup, just for the ladies! This soap is a very luxurious soap, it has a creamy lather that really leaves the skin feeling moisturised and nourished. African Black Soap has been around and used for generations as a natural remedy that really works. This wonderful soap can help relieve oily skin, eczema, acne and mostly all skin conditions, that’s why this soap is just so amazing for your body and your skin. Did I mention that this soap is fantastic for wrinkles or any of those lines that make you look and feel older.

Reasons to use this soap;

• Aids in the help of clearing up Acne
• Helps cleanse & moisturize the skin
• It has been around for a very long time
• This soap is proven to work!

This soap has just so many uses, including; a body soap or a lathering soap or even using it as a shampoo for your hair. In short this soap has so many benefits and just wonderful properties about it, you could call it a multi-purpose soap, it’s just so lovely that you could call it a really lovely soap! I just absolutely love this soap!