Why is Glycerin in soap?

Glycerin (Humectant) Uses

What is so good about glycerin? Why is Glycerin in soap?

Glycerine or Glycerol is widely used in the medical, pharmaceutical and personal care industries (not to say that glycerin is not used in other things, just localizing it!) Glycerin is a humectant, ” A humectant is something that attracts and retains the moisture in the air by absorption” back to glycerin now….

Glycerin also has anti-ageing properties to help revitalize and rejuvenate the skin leaving it feeling really enriched after its use.

Depending on the type of skin type you are, most people would gain from using a product with glycerin in it for your skin.

Glycerin is also a very good moisturizer for the skin, it’s soothing and cooling to the skin while moisturizing.

More on Humectant

Glycerin (Humectant) uses – It’s like this, basically, glycerin is a humectant and we know that a humectant is something that attracts and retains moisture by absorption and it’s also used in shampoos and conditioners for the hair.

Glycerol or Glycerin was historically used as an anti-freeze agent for automotive applications before being replaced by ethylene glycol, which has a lower freezing point. While the minimum freezing point of a glycerol-water mixture is higher than an ethylene glycol-water mixture, glycerol is not toxic and is being re-examined for use in automotive applications

Technical Info

Glycerol is a stable preserving agent for botanical extracts that, when utilized in proper concentrations in an extraction solvent base, does not allow inverting or reduction-oxidation of a finished extract’s constituents, even over several years. Both glycerol and ethanol are viable preserving agents. Glycerol is bacteriostatic in its action, and ethanol is bactericidal in its action

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Glycerin (Humectant) Uses | Why is Glycerin in soap?

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