Why I Love Making My Own Soap

Making Soap

Most natural and organic soaps are great for your skin with lovely amazing moisturizing properties and can come in all different sizes, fragrances and colours.

When you make soap and it smells amazing, lathers and cleans well, looks visually sexy and you know whats in it, you have to feel pride in yourself and a sense of accomplishment for a job well done.

Its mainly the natural oils and natural ingredients that make these soap so good for you. When you buy or make a natural soap, you can really see and feel the difference in the final soap bar which if made correctly will have remarkable moisturizing properties.

Each type of soap is different. Some soaps contain chemicals and others use more natural ingredients. All soaps, regardless of their ingredients, require a balance between fat and lye. Bars of soap should be able to balance the fatty acids so that it is hard, able to lather and moisturize skin.

With the world today, we work harder, we work longer hours, we are just getting too busy to pamper ourselves and we seem to forget about what our skin/Epidermis goes through on a daily basis, things like Pollution, Sun Protection Factor, Ageing, not drinking enough water, bad dieting, unhealthy habits like smoking/drinking and not engaging in regular exercise all can take an effect on our skin. So something as little as soap can HELP your wonderful skin recover from day to day life and revive your lovely skin.

Handmade soaps with simple quality ingredients can be the best and most natural thing that you could ever do for your skin. Some people may question the benefits of natural handmade soaps but until you try them for yourself you will never know, but when or if you do try a wonderful handmade natural soap you will feel the benefits like your skin fells more moisturized in other words replenished and revitalized also people with skin conditions such as eczema, acne, psoriasis, dry or chapped skin will benefit from using a natural soap on your skin.

Why I Love Making My Own Soap – Natural Soap Benefits

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