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Hello and welcome to our website Pure Goats Milk Soap, I have put this website and E-book together to help and guide people in there soaping experience and to help people so they don’t make the same mistakes I did when I started over 5 years ago now, I absolutely love and adore soap, all kinds of soaps like Natural Soaps, Handmade Soaps, Organic Soaps, Decorative Soaps, Homemade Soaps, Artistic Soap, Wedding Soaps, Goats Milk Soaps, Exfoliating Soaps and Anti-Bacterial Soaps. I love everything about them, the way they smell, the way they look, the way they clean and lather, the moisturizing Qualities, the natural abilities of soap and even the way they look as a decorative piece, I love them.

I love the feeling that I got when I started making soap, it’s a great feeling, it’s the feeling of self-accomplishment and self-satisfaction (a bit like the satisfaction you get when you win or when you finish mowing a long lawn). I love the way it makes you feel when your creative or when you have spent weeks on weeks designing a special type of soap that has a specific purpose and you give that soap to your friend and it clears up their eczema or relieves their skin. I love that way you might fail today when making cold process soap but every failure that you make only brings you closer to accomplishing what you want and dream. When I started out (there was a lot of failed batches but I got good with practice) I knew that every failed batch would only make me a better soap maker in the end.

I love making soap and I love everything that soap is and represents any help that I could be to fellow soapers would be fantastic, I will never stop making soap.

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About Us – Pure Goats Milk Soap